Save Phace Carnage Safety Mask (OU812 Series)



The latest version of the Save Phace Carnage Airsoft Mask. This OU812 Series Mask is an upgrade to the Dope Series it replaces. Features removable and replaceable foam inserts as well a double pane thermal lens.

This mask is so DOPE, even Shaggy from ICP would be quivering in fear as you charge at him with a DEAGLE ! Crazy paint skull graphics make this one DOPE mask to not mess with. To explain how phreakin' sick this mask is, we'd have to sacrifice no less than 3 goats - no way! It's a full face mask, works pretty well, official Save Phace product.

The "OU812" Series is a fairly complete Save Phace package. It comes with one military grade anti fog and anti scratch Thermal Clear Lens, RWI Foam (Replaceable, Washable and Interchangeable) and stuff sack to protect your mask. Additional lenses and RWI Foam inserts are sold seperately.