SiegeTek Balanced (20.8 ratio) Gear Set for V2/3 Mechbox

SiegeTek Concepts


SiegeTek Balanced (20.8:1 ratio) gear set for V2/3 mechbox - Looking for the strongest gear set on the market? Look no further! SiegeTek spur and sector gears are CNC machined from chromium molybdenum steel (41xx steel) then case hardened. The bevel gear is warm compacted from diffusion alloyed steel and through hardened. Both hardened materials offer superior toughness, strength, and wear resistance. All of the gear teeth involute profiles are precisely calculated and accurately produced in order to provide maximum efficiency and durability. The CNC machined sector gear offers increased durability over traditional sintered sector gears. The cut-off cam is also shape optimized to decrease cut-off lever reset time, which reduces the chance of trigger switch jam.

No other gear set come close in terms of quality or durability. Whether you're looking to increase your rate of fire, muzzle velocity, or both, the SiegeTek balanced ratio gear set is a perfect replacement for a brittle, stock gear set.