SiegeTek Bevel Gear for GS-B, GS-B-C, GS-T2 & GS-B-SR

SiegeTek Concepts


The newest generation of ridiculously strong gears from Siege Tek. For those of you that truly push the envelope, this is the bevel gear you need. It is the standard ratio bevel gear with 9 teeth engaging the spur gear. It has been improved over the previous generation by strengthening the anti-reversal-catch teeth. While the pinion teeth are still warm compacted from diffusion alloyed steel and through hardened, both the spur gear teeth and now the anti-reversal catch teeth are CNC machined from chromium molybdenum steel then case hardened. Whether you have another gear set whose bevel gear keeps exploding, or you somehow managed to break one of the previous generations of Siege Tek bevel gears, this is money well spent.

SiegeTek Bevel Gear for GS-B, GS-B-C, GS-T2, GS-B-SR

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