Sightmark 3x Tactical Magnifier (Slide to Side Mount)



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Featuring a wider edge-to-edge resolution and tighter tolerances for
high caliber weapons, the Sightmark series of Tactical S.T.S.
Magnifiers are multi-functional weapons accessories featuring a
slide-to-side mount. Offering the ability to quickly move the magnifier
out of the way without having to detach the unit, the 3x Tactical
Magnifier S.T.S. gives shooters quick target acquisition capabilities.
The device is designed for use in conjunction with holographic,
collimated reflex, and other compatible weapons sights, giving the
shooter the benefit of a reflex sight and scope in one combination.

The 3x Tactical Magnifier S.T.S. increases the
magnification of the accompanying sight for greater sighting range and
improves target recognition significantly at medium-range distances.
Engineered to assist in quick target acquisition up to 200 yards and
accurate target shooting at 100 yards, the 3x Tactical Magnifier S.T.S.
also features extended eye relief for comfort, a wide field-of-view and
high quality multi-coated optics for improved visibility and clarity.
Designed to work with EOTech, Aimpoint, Trijicon and other brands, the
3x Tactical Magnifier S.T.S. can be securely mounted on most picatinny
and weaver mounts. Its lightweight, weather proof and shatter-proof
frame provides durability in all elements.