Spartan AKMS AEG



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The Spartan AKMS AEG is an underfolder airsoft AK-47 style rifle. Full metal, highly upgraded, and the best external parts you can find on an airsoft AK model. The AK airsoft guns are absolutely the best! They use all standard AK parts, accessories, magazines, V3 gearbox parts, etc.Gun does not include battery, charger. Can use a stick style battery (9.6v stick - or lipo stick style), sold separately.These are not the Gen 1.0 E&L. The 2016 Spartan edition by Meister Arms is an airsoft gun that's Gen 1.5. Externally, the Gen 1.5 and Gen 2.0 are identical with all metal/real wood parts, hard anodized coating, etc. They are beasts! Internally, there are notable differences: Gen 1.5 has a standard motor, 9mm steel bushings, MIM cast gears, and a brass cylinder. Everything else internally is the same, including its new quick-change mechbox design. The Gen 2 has: high torque motor, 9mm steel ball bearings, CNC gears, and a CNC steel cylinder. The other difference is the price: Gen 2 costs a bit more