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The ASG made STEYR AUG A2 AEG is renowned for its performance and low price. This rifle is unique in that it has a bullpup design, meaning that the magazine is located behind the trigger assembly near the butt stock. This allows the rifle to have a longer barrel length without the sacrifice of having a too long overall rifle length. The JG AUG A2 is the civilian model of the Armee Universal Gewehr or "Army Universal Gun", it features a tough polycarbonate body, real steel upper receiver and barrel, and picatinny rail to mount the optic of your choice. This gun also has an ambidextrous safety switch and a multi-stage trigger allowing for quick selection between semi and full automatic fire.

The Sportline edition includes a battery and charger to get started.  We do recommend upgraded chargers and batteries (sold separately) at a later time.