Tactical Helmet w/ Retractable Visor

Lancer Tactical


Tactical Helmet w/ NVG Mount and Side Rails. UPDATED MODEL WITH RETRACTABLE VISOR (may not be field safe, check with owners before purchase). Comes with NVG mount, bungees, and side tac rails. Perfect for costume or airsoft use on the field. Also know as PJ helmet. One size fits all heads and includes extra padding for those that need a snugger fit - chin strap is fully adjustable too. Oval holes on helmet allow for ventilation.The lens visor is for looks only. The visor is not a full seal, so it won't 100% protect your eyes from BB shots, nor is it rated for such use. Do not use the visor for eye protection. Be sure to wear full-seal eye lenses (sold separately) if you are playing airsoft. Use at your own risk.