Tenergy LiPo Battery Alarm & Tester



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Tenergy LiPo Battery Alarm & Tester
Lithium-ion Polymer batteries are great for hard shooting guns, but they are fickle creatures when it comes to charging and discharging. LiPo owners must beware of the dreaded marshmallow effect. If a LiPo cell is discharged to below 3 volts, then the cell can become damaged. If the charge on a cell is too low, then during the charging cycle the cell can begin to puff-up (like a marshmallow in a microwave) and possibly explode. If you have a tester installed, the tester's red LED will flash when a cell is below 3.3v. Then an alarm will sound when a cell is below 3.0v indicating the LiPo battery pack needs to be recharged. To use the tester, simply plug it into the extra connector on your battery pack and begin the cycle. Specifically, plug the negative terminal of the tester into the battery's negative connector (black wire). If this is used on a 7.4v (2S pack), you will have an extra pin outside the connector. For an 11.1v (3S pack) all pins will be in the connector. This is a must have for any LiPo battery owner!

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