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Tenergy Smart Battery Charger The #1 selling airsoft battery charger we stock! A must-have for anyone with an AEG! Notice: not for use with LIPO batteries.This smart charger is the must have upgrade for your airsoft AEG package purchase. This charger has a two color LED that displays the current disposition. Red means that the battery is charging and green means that the battery has been fully charged. The auto-sensing functions also allow the charger to specifically adjust the voltage for each battery that is plugged in as long as it is between 7.2v and 12v. As an added bonus, this product has a Delta Peak Cut-off feature that automatically stops charging the battery when the voltage equalizes and no more juice can be squeezed in. This helps prevent such heinous things resulting from over-charging like cell damage, wire or lead damage, cell explosion, and possible fires. Capable of out-pacing our other chargers with a mili-amperage output exceeding 600, the only thing this charger is missing is a discharge feature. Consider the Hitech Smart Battery Charger/ Discharger (item # 00552) as well, it's pretty similar.

The package includes the charger, mini and large tamiya connector adaptors, a battery temp reader, and an adapter for a two lead battery.

NiMH batteries don't need the discharge function, so this charger is perfect for those.Note: This charger does not have a discharge function. If you have a NiCd battery you will have to either flat-line or discharge the battery before charging or you risk reducing the efficiency of your battery! Also avoid charging your NiMH battery at 2.0A unless the capacity exceeds 2000mah.

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