Tokyo Marui 552 AEG

Tokyo Marui


Tokyo Marui 552 AEG
The 552 AEG by Tokyo Marui is a very old skool style airsoft rifle. Based upon a favorite rifle previously used by Naval Special Forces, the 552 airsoft AEG is used for both Close Quarter Battle (CQB) environments and medium range outdoor field play. The successor to the now retired Tokyo Marui 550, the 552 features a much shorter barrel and black and gray body tones instead of gray and green. Very simplistic in nature and use, the body is a polycarbonate composite that is reinforced with metal tabs built to withstand all but the most violent of abuse. Two RIS rails are mounted on the underside and on the right side of the forearm for mounting of extra accessories. The side folding stock allows for even better use in cornering for CQB and also allows for a much shorter carrying case if necessary. The rifle comes with the standard Tokyo Marui 43 round low capacity magazine, but the high capacity replacements hold about 220 rounds. The battery compartment is located in the forearm of the rifle and can be tricky at first to install. First push out the body pin located to the rear of the hand guard, then pull down the upper half of the hand and pull it out. The battery can then be installed and once the order is reversed, you're all done. Airsoft players love this gun for its ease of use and classic look.

*Note: Because of the stock, non-reinforced nature of Tokyo Marui products, we do not recommend using a 9.6v battery in this AEG.

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