Tokyo Marui AK47S Folding Stock AEG

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Tokyo Marui AK47S Folding Stock AEG
The Tokyo Marui Ak-47S AEG is based off the standard Soviet infantry rifle. Meant to be capable of firing a large volume of ammunition at any costs, the airsoft version happily takes up the mantle the real steel. This "S" model has been slightly altered from the original full stock version to incorporate a decided advantage. The full stock has been replaced with a wire under-fold edition that allows the rifle to be carried more easily in a vehicle or jumped with out of an airplane. For airsoft purposes, this means that the rifle can be put in a smaller carrying case. Most body parts are polycarbonate reinforced with metal tabs making the body more durable and able to stand up against all but the most violent of abuses. The pistol grip and forearm are a beautiful faux wood and the barrel assembly is a very sturdy metal. The magazine that comes with the rifle is the standard Tokyo Marui 70 round lowcap, but the high capacity version can hold 600 rounds or more. The battery compartment is located on the top of the rifle, underneath the receiver cover. Simply push the button at the back of the cover and lift to install. Airsoft players love the TM series of Ak rifles for their dependability and the gigantic high capacity magazines.

*Note: Because of the stock, non-reinforced nature of Tokyo Marui products, we do not recommend using a 9.6v battery in this AEG.