Tokyo Marui FAMAS SV AEG (Super Version)

Tokyo Marui


Tokyo Marui FAMAS SV AEG (Super Version)
Built by Tokyo Marui, the FAMAS was the first airsoft AEG rifle built when the sport had yet to become popular. Based off the French Foreign Legion's principle infantry weapon, the FAMAS is radically different from tradition rifles. The FAMAS uses a bullpup configuration to maximize barrel length, without becoming awkward. The body's construction is primarily metal reinforced polycarbonate. This combination allows it to stand up against all but the most violent of user abuses (golf club, hammer, and baseball bat). The battery compartment is located in the forearm of the rifle and can be accessed by the switch located right in front of the trigger. Simply move the switch all the way over to the right till it clicks and is facing somewhat to the front of the rifle. The forearm will then slide forward and the battery can be installed. To reassemble, move the switch back over one click and then slide the forearm back on. The selector switch is located to the rear of the rifle behind the magazine well. The hop-up adjustment is located underneath the adjustable cheek rest. This rifle comes with the standard Tokyo Marui 60 round lowcap, but the high capacity replacements hold 300 rounds. This rifle is simple and to the point, for the beginner airsoft player moving into intermediate and advanced AEGs, this is the rifle for you.

*Note: Because of the stock, non-reinforced nature of Tokyo Marui products, we do not recommend using a 9.6v battery in this AEG.

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