Tokyo Marui M14 SOCOM AEG

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Tokyo Marui M14 SOCOM AEG
The Tokyo Marui M14 SOCOM is the new face to an old skool infantry rifle. Capable of accurate sniper fire and a high volume of support fire, it is very comfortable with having multiple roles. Unlike the original real-steel that saw action in almost every major conflict from Vietnam till present, the airsoft edition is very user friendly and has the added bonus of easy fire control selection. This particular edition features a shorter barrel, modified flash hider, and a small scope rail midway on the barrel assembly. The selector switch is located on the right side of the rear sight aperture and a simple twist will change it from semi-auto to full automatic.

This edition features a very strong fiberglass stock that is durable to all but the most vicious of abuse. The receiver assembly and most of the barrel is metal and is quite durable. The charging handle is functional but does not actually perform any necessary purpose (it does have a very satisfying sound when it closes though). Different from most firearms, the M14's safety switch is not on the selector group, but actually in front of the trigger guard. Full forward and the safety is off, push all the way back into the trigger guard and the safety is on. This rifle comes with the standard Tokyo Marui 70 round low capacity magazine, but the high capacity replacements hold 440 rounds. When choosing a replacement mag, don't be fooled, the G&G and Classic Army M14 magazines WILL NOT fit. You must use either Marui or Marui clone magazines.

The battery compartment is located inside the stock and is accessed by flipping up the butt plate cover then opening the small door on the plate. Airsoft players love to use this rifle with their Vietnam era kit and recommend getting the scope mount and a wicked optic for that cool sniper look. The SOCOM airsoft version is totally badass and highly recommended by the Airsoft Atlanta staff.

*Note: Because of the stock, non-reinforced nature of Tokyo Marui products, we do not recommend using a 9.6v battery in this AEG.

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