Tokyo Marui M16A2 AEG

Tokyo Marui


Tokyo Marui M16A2 Airsoft AEG
The Tokyo Marui M16A2 is based off the U.S. Army's standard infantry weapon. Built to be as simple as possible, the M16A2 was supposed to be so easy to use even a high-school dropout could operate it with little difficulty. The airsoft version incorporates all of the original benefits so that your skirmishing experience can be bragged about. The body and most major body components are reinforced polycarbonate, durable to all but the most vicious of abuse. This rifle features a rifle length, 20 inch barrel and a fullstock. The carry handle is non-removable, but with the addition of a special adapter, you can mount the optic of your choice. The rifle comes with the standard Tokyo Marui 68 round lowcap, but a high capacity replacement can hold 300 rounds or more. The battery compartment is located inside the buttstock of the rifle and can be accessed by pulling open the small door located on the butt plate. Players who use this model of airsoft rifle say that the best part about it, is it's multitude of internal and external upgrade parts.

*Note: Because of the stock, non-reinforced nature of Tokyo Marui products, we do not recommend using a 9.6v battery in this AEG.

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