Troy Rail Cover Full-Length, 3-Pack



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Troy Industries Rail Cover Full-Length (3-Pack), in various colors. Fits any standard RIS rail system. Great for airsoft M4s or any other guns with long enough rails. Troy Firearms Rail Covers are engineered to survive the most extreme conditions. Constructed from durable, heat- & chemical-resistant synthetic polymer resin, The Troy Firearms Rail Cover quickly and easily slides onto a 1913 Picatinny Rail and locks into place with a built-in retaining clip. No tools required.

To install, just pop up the retaining clip from the underside of the rail cover with your thumb (clip only pops up about 1/16″ do not try to remove the clip).

Slide the cover on to your rail from the front side of the weapon and position the tab over one of the rail slots.

Push down on the retaining clip with your finger until it snaps into place.