Valken Tactical Thunder V 3pk w/Single Core (Multi)



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The Valken Tactical Thunder B Small Multi-Grenade Package Starter Kit. Everything
you need, besides CO2 cartridges, to get started. Includes one single
main Core kit + 3 Cylinder Multi-style Shells (C, B, and Pineapple grenades). The core unit is reusable and
compatible with all types of Thunder V shells and Thunder B (Hakkotsu).
The Thunder V emits a loud 'boom' sound of 130DB 3-5 seconds after
releasing its safety pin. No pyrotechnics involved, as it's only co2
powered. The outer cylinder shell will need to be replaced after each
use. Easy to use and install. Read instructions first. Replacement
parts, pins, etc are all available at Airsoft Atlanta for purchase.*Airsoft
Atlanta is not responsible for any use, misuse, or damage caused by
this product. Liability is on its user. Check with airsoft fields
first before using. Do not throw at or near people.