Warhead Helmet Adapted Goggles



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Warhead Helmet Adapted Goggles. These are specialty clear lens goggles that must be used with a helmet attachment system. These do not wrap around your head, but attach at two points on your helmet rails (attachments included). These only work on modern airsoft helmets with its built-in clips. Fully adjustable to fit your face and helmet. Comes in a variety of colors to match your helmet. Easy to attach and detach, as the adapters smoothly slide into your helmet's rails.***notice: The adapters on this batch were sewn in backwards. You can see in the photos. There's a 180 degree twist on the bands once installed properly. They can be fixed by resewing the adapter the correct way, or just leave them twisted slightly. We apologize for this, which is why we're offering the goggles at a lower price than usual. They don't affect the function or anything, just the tactical look. An easy DIY fix, or just leave them as-is.

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