Warhead Operator Helmet - OD Green



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OD Green Color helmet
The Warhead "Operator" Helmet w/ NVG Mount and Side Rails for
that base jumper (BJ style) look. Comes in a variety of colors -
includes NVG mount, bungees, velcro panels, and side tac rails. One
size fits all heads and the box contents include some extra padding
material for those that need a snugger fit - chin strap is fully
adjustable too. Rhombus holes (BJ) on helmet allow for ventilation.
These are absolutely the best airsoft helmets available for the money.*Prices
on the camouflage patterns are slightly higher than the non-camo
helmets. Price will be listed in your shopping cart once added.*Notice: For airsoft costume use only. These are not real helmets, not safety rated, etc.