Warhead Stalker Mesh Half-Face Mask V1 - Tan Skull



The Tan Skull Warhead V1 Stalker Half-Face Mesh Airsoft Mask is a great way to protect the lower portion of your face, while still keeping yourself 100% ventilated. Use this mask in conjunction with your choice of goggles (eye protection) for a custom safe field look. The V1 Stalker mask does not protect your ears or lower neck area. The Warhead mask features double-head straps to secure it in place, so it won't slip or fall down while playing (unlike the single-strap version others sell). It's similar in design to the original Brass-Guard, but has the two-strap system, to ensure a more comfortable secure fit on your head. The masks come in a wide selection of colors and camouflage patterns. This is a very popular mesh mask and highly recommended!