Wolverine Inferno for Version 2 (Spartan Edition)



Wolverine Inferno for Version 2 Gearbox (Spartan Edition). The Spartan is perfect for entry level and pro-players as well, as it's easy to tune and install, with less wires. The integrated FCU/Trigger is specifically pre-wired for easy installation and 'live fire tuning' once installed. This kit includes everything you need except the li-po battery (Use the Valken 7.2v 250 MAH or the Wolverine 7.2v 500 MAH if you have the space). The Spartan Inferno set is very popular and recommended for all HPA players. The Inferno Spartan Edition is only available for Version 2 gearboxes (M4, etc).The Spartan edition is the base model offering for the modular Inferno/HYDRA
product line. It offers a system that has a 100% fully featured Inferno
cylinder but with more robust simplified electronics that use Wolverine
Airsofts proprietary Live Fire Tuning. This both reduces the cost to
entry into the HPA market and offers a perfect platform to build on.
That means you could start with an Inferno: Spartan Edition and upgrade
it all the way to function the same as a bluetooth HYDRA. But you can
upgrade those features one at a time as you have need for them.The Wolverine Inferno is based off the previous SMP system and is designed to drop into nearly every popular gearbox on the market with no modification.
And, they are constantly altering their design to include even more gun
models. External components are small and easy to fit into the stock,
grip, or handguard of your gun. Just install the Inferno into your gearbox
in a matter of minutes, and youre ready to go!Wolverine Airsoft's high-performance HPA system features straightforward controls that
offer all the tuning capabilities you need on the field to play any
number of roles. The rate of fire and dwell time can be adjusted using
two simple dials on the fire control unit located in your stock, grip,
or rail system. All other settings are internally regulated. This simple
design reduces the number of controls from 7 to 2 so that you can spend less time tuning and more time playing.HPA technology makes cracked gearbox shells and grinding gears a thing of the past. And with less than 50% fewer replaceable parts than other leading HPA products, the Wolverine Inferno is even more durable. This is why Wolverine Airsoft offers a 9 month warranty
on their system. Maintenance involves only simple lubing with an
occasional replacement of an o-ring after several hundred thousand
rounds. And, if something does go wrong, the Inferno is extremely easy to
troubleshoot and repair.