Wolverine STORM InGrip M4 Regulator



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The new Wolverine Storm InGrip M4 HPA Regulator is a custom design system for use in your gun. New regulator fits into your M4 AEG airsoft gun then attaches to your CO2 or air HPA tank. Because of its close proximity to your gun's engine, it will have a hyper fast refresh air rate. Configuration and adjustments are not quite as easy with an OnTank regulator, so keep this in mind when purchasing. ***Please note we do not support or handle CO2 tanks or CO2 Paintball systems.***Please note this is a stand alone regulator without the flex air line hose. If you already have one, this system will work fine. Or purchase the additional flex line we sell from Wolverine.*works with both SLP and non-SLP tanks
(paintball tanks with 800 PSI are good to use!). Which means you can
use the cheaper Guerilla and Ninja tanks with paintball tank regulators.