Wolverine Storm Regulator HIGH PRESSURE on tank with remote line (Black)



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Black COLOR HIGH PRESSURE Storm (pics show red version, but this is for the BLACK color one - use your imagination; we're lazy and didn't feel like retaking the pictures)***HIGH PRESSURE this is specifically made for the new BOLT system. While it can be used on AEG conversions, this is really made for the BOLT.The STORM HIGH PRESSURE OnTank is the first
regulator designed specifically for airsoft. With ultra-fast recharge
rate at both high and low pressure, the STORM regulator is the perfect
companion to our HPA engines! It is extremely low-profile and has a
convenient zip-tie tournament lock for fields.Kit includes secure fittings and air line to attach to SLP tanks and your gun's engine. Includes all the typical adapters needed for a drop-in fit! The Storm is also very low profile in its design, so you can run around with less weight and bulk than other regulators. Easy to adjust and plug-and-play ready!*works with both SLP and non-SLP tanks (paintball tanks with 800 PSI are good to use!). Which means you can use the cheaper Guerilla and Ninja tanks with paintball tank regulators.

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