Rocket Airsoft vs SHS airsoft parts

What's the difference between these two parts companies SHS and Rocket Airsoft?  SHS was the original cheap airsoft parts company back in the late 2000s with Airsoft Atlanta being the original importer and dealer for them.  The quality was decent and the price was cheap.  Over the years improvements were made and new products came out.

Rocket Airsoft is a recent split off from SHS with one of the original owners opening his own brand with newer and more innovative OEM parts for airsoft users.  SHS and Rocket share the same factory(s) for OEM parts with superior materials and craftsmanship. Rocket Airsoft has for example the newer black vented motors (2020) in high torque and high speed that are a step up from the original SHS ones.  Rocket also has newer parts and a wider selection with OEM parts for more guns and newer designs.  Rocket also has black Japanese steel spring sets that are extremely nice and robust for quality builds with only a slight cost increase.  Newer products are coming out monthly as we keep our inventory current.

We are proud to support Rocket Airsoft to the moon and no longer import the older SHS branded OEM parts.  You can find a full selection of parts on our website with fast same-day shipping.

Rocket Airsoft / SHS Parts

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