0.69g Deathzone 40 Count White Bio BBs



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Our most premium heavy weight 6mm BB ever: the Deathzone .69 gram white biodegradable airsoft BB. You only get 40 BBs per bag, so make them count. These are the best sniper grade BBs you can get. We recommend them for single-shot, bolt action airsoft sniper rifles due to their high cost and heft.  It's literally like shooting industrial grade diamond out of your airsoft gun.

NOTE: These BBs are biodegradable, they react and decompose slowly in the presence of nitrogen ions (like
ammonia) which is abundant in soil.

NOTE: Because the the extreme weight of this BB, we recommend a gun capable of firing at least 500 fps with a 0.20 gram BB. Also, you will need an aftermarket hopup with a larger contact patch such as A+ REAPS, flat hop or R-hop. A standard hop-up system with a smaller contact patch will not maintain contact long enough to provide adequate backspin.