Cytac Glock 19 Holster



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The Cytac Glock 19 Holster. Fits Glock style G17, G19,
and various framed models perfectly. Also fits the KWA ATP gun series
and possibly more! T We will test them out fully.
Fits WE, Marui, KJW, KWA, and all others. This Glock 19 holster is a little shorter than the G17 model, so you can use a G17, but the muzzle will stick out a little bit.Includes the
holster and paddle that is fully adjustable to any desired angle (allen
tool included). Paddle is padded for comfort and added friction. Can
be used with real guns. Holster release is a smooth easy button for
quickly drawing. We highly recommend this holster if you want something
that costs less than a SERPA.