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Be the ultimate Speedsofter with this speedsoft starter kit!  Everything you need to spray down a rental ten year old and ruin everyone else's day at the airsoft field.  Advanced adult players only.  Parents: do not buy this for your kids unless they are the ultimate dank player  #yolo #speedzy #SYG #ILuvSpeedQB #RIPHarambe #HPANation

Time to GET REKT - Official Tournament Ready Kit ®
Beanie cap not included!  

 The Ultimate Speedsoft Starter Kit includes:

- "He Burnt My Patch" Patch because come on, how can you resist?

- Dye I4 (must be colorful) so that people can look into your mirror lens and see their own fear as you unload a whole mag at point blank.

- Condor Battle Belt cause you're too cool for a plate carrier or chest rig, I mean let's be honest here : all you need is one hicap and you're good to go!

- Polarstar Jack engine or Wolverine Spartan(or any HPA set up) set at 60 RPS and 130 PSI

- Lancer Tactical Flashmags for when you can't aim and have to spray. Count on the LT Flashmags to be there for when you see that one 10 year old walking around.

- "Because Speedsoft" T-Shirt to embrace your inner Sonic the Hedgehog or to let everyone know what a great airsoft player you are.

- HPA Speed Trigger for when you're not going full auto on a kid, you can still shoot as fast as you want with your middle/index finger.

- Ninja HPA Tank cause you can't be a speedsofter without HPA now can you? Make sure to get the 4500 PSI cause you know you'll be out going full auto all day!

 - Condor Hydration Carrier so you can carry your air peanut because plate carriers and chest rights are for plebs. 

- VTAC flashlight because let's be honest here, optics weigh the gun down and aiming isn't always a good idea when you're trying be a character from Naruto. Nitecore flashlights are also a great choice however they cost a little more and it may interfere with your budget plan to buy more patches to burn.

- Lastly, let's not forget out most important item for this kit. THE MADBULL KX3 AMPLIFIER! You spent like 250 on a used Wolverine, why not let the whole world know you have one? This way, you can hurt people with BBs AND give them concussions. Make sure to get a colorful one to make your gun stand out(aside from everyone else who has the same idea).

 (Other recommended items may include And1 Shorts, high Nike socks, Dye Sleeves, and Yeezys so you can be...SPEEDZY)

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