24 Cans of Green Gas 8oz/can (Shipped)



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BULK DEAL 24 Cans - Our official airsoft bulk case Green Gas
comes in convenient 8 ounce, DOT approved cans for airsoft users. This
is the highest quality green gas made, perfect for most gas rifles and
pistols. If you have a Japanese made pistol or rifle, you may want to
use the HFC134a (PC duster) gas instead, as it's lower pressure than
this green gas. However, most guns are made in China and Taiwan, so
this is the type of gas you should use. The 8 ounce cans are required
by law to be this size.

Each package includes a total of 24 cans of green gas per order, with HAZMAT shipping costs included in its price. Perfect for police training, team purchases, etc.This item we be shipped separately from our HAZMAT facility. Please allow extra 1-3 business days for the gas to ship out to you (same-day shipping does not apply).