Gate MERF 3.2 Mosfet Unit



The Gate MERF 3.2 Mosfet Unit is the Third generation of airsoft Mosfets from Gate.This system allows for increased trigger response time, loss-less rate of fire adjustment, adjustable 3-round burst mode, active motor breaking, and protects Batteries. This Mosfet is able to handle up to 15 volts, has 10 different functions, and operate in 2 modes: Enhanced mode and Simple mode.
(1) Enhanced mode. will require you to do some gearbox work and soldering but will allow you to take full advantage of the Features of this awesome Mosfet.
(2) Simple mode. No modification to your AEG is required just plug and play, but will not stop Trigger contact Arcing.
This Mosfet is compatible with most AEG's, including upgraded AEG's.

The Gate MERF 3.2 package will includes everything you will need to get started :
extra pair of Deans Connectors
single signal trigger wire
dual signal trigger wire
programming button
1 year manufacturer warranty

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