Gate PicoSSR 3 Mosfet Unit



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The Gate PicoSSR 3 Mosfet is the smallest non-Active braking commercially-made airsoft unit on the market. If you have always wanted to run a Mosfet but couldn't find the room in your AEG, the PicoSSR 3 is the best solution. At an extremely small size of only 4x6x18mm, the PicoSSR 3 can fit inside any AEG. Not only is the PicoSSR 3 small but it uses tough components allowing it to handle up to 15 volts. It is also resistant to immersion in water and this Mosfet is compatible with most AEGs.

The Gate PicoSSR 3 package will includes everything you will need to get started :
Mosfet unit
1 year manufacturer warranty.Please note, this is the newer version of the PicoSSR 2, hence replacing the previous version.

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