KWA M11 GBB SMG NS2 - Black



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The new KWA M-11 (M11) gas blowback airsoft sub-machine-gun features semi and full auto fire modes in a small compact package. The full auto mode has a very rapid rate of fire (20+RPS). This particular SMG fires from the open bolt position and has an impressively loud report. This SMG is a dream for anyone interested in dual wielding M-11's, or you can extend the stock and use both hands for added accuracy. The front vertical strap (sold separately) can be used to stabilize the gun while firing. Outer threaded barrel can use M-11 specific faux suppressors (it's not 14mm). To load the magazine, pull the bolt back first prior to inserting the magazine. The mag will not work with the bolt closed properly. KWA quality with the new NS2 gas blowback system, now in the improved M-11 gun!

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