Redline Poppet Shim Kit



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The Redline Poppet shim kit allows you to tune the airflow through your stock PolarStar Poppet.

You can swap or combine the color coded shims to achieve the ideal airflow for your gun.

The Redline Poppet shim kit gives you all the benefits of a low flow Poppet with the added advantage of shorter poppet dwell times and multiple possible air flow configurations.

By adding a shim or shims to your Poppet you reduce the Poppets travel. Reducing the Poppets travel creates a smaller seat opening resulting in less air flow though the seat.

A side benefit of reduced Poppet travel is that it also reduces the time it takes the Poppet to fully close once the Solenoid is turned off. This allows you to raise your DP slightly for greater reliability without sacrificing air efficiency.

And since everyones gun setup is unique, the multiple shims allow you to dial in just the right amount of flow restriction for your particular gun without the expense of buying multiple Poppets.