G&G Combat Machine CM16 Raider AEG Short - Desert Tan



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The G&G Combat Machine 16 Raider AEG Airsoft gun, in Desert Tan, is a shortest version of the CM16 rifle. This features a polymer rail system, body and stock with a metal barrel and buffer tube. The polymer construction allows the rifle to be light and durable at the same time. The internals are made of high quality metal, which makes it great for beginners. The CM16 series
of rifles is one of the best rifles for your money.
Crane stock battery installation: Remove rear butt-plate from crane stock, remove small plastic inner cover, and drop battery into its two tubes. Plug battery into the wire connector. Take care not to jam battery or force anything, resulting in wire or battery damage. The battery installation is very easy and requires no tools or experience.

Note: Does not include battery or charger  (uses 9.6v 1600 nun-chuck style battery and smart charger)

Made specifically to fit this AEG. Smart charger is automatic and cuts off after it's done charging the battery
(around 3 hours).

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