SHS High Speed Motor (Long)



The SHS High Speed Motor (Long) is super freakin fast. It has the same neodymium magnets as the SHS high torque motor, but larger gauge wiring and fewer turns on the armatures giving it roughly 10,000 rpm more than the SHS high torque (or 10-15 shots per second more, depending on your setup). Turn your gun into a screamer with this high speed motor upgrade. Makes for a great replacement motor if your old one is past its prime. The Long axle on this motor makes it compatible with most Version 2 guns. You will likely need a large type nimh battery or lipo (7.4v or 11.1v) to make the most of this monster. (please note: packaging may be generic or labeled as 'Rocket Airsoft', but is made by SHS OEM)*Notice: The end-spring is *not* included. Our last batch made
didn't include the little motor end springs. The old motor in your gun
already has one, so please use that one if you have it (all guns have
them already). If you need a replacement, please request one in your order comments and we'll send you one.**Other notice (2015): There's a typo print on the motors that say they're "high torque". This is a typo from China; they are in fact high-speed. The blue motors are high speed and we hand tested each one at Airsoft Atlanta.

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