SHS Steel AEG Gear Set - Standard (18:1 gear ratio - 2013 Edition)



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New 2013 version - The SHS Steel AEG Gear Set 18:1 gear ratio (Standard) - These are good quality, affordable, and made out of steel. They are much better than most stock AEG gears. Want a more reliable set of gears so you can run a LiPo? Or just need to replace a broken set of gears and want the most reliable set that won't break the bank? Buy this set! Fits most version 2 (M4, M16, etc.) and version 3 (G36, AK, etc.) mechboxes. Includes one each: spur, bevel, sector gears. Great standard gear set for any airsoft gun. (please note: packaging may be generic or labeled as 'Rocket Airsoft', but is made by SHS OEM)

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